Saturday, October 13, 2018

We're Wild About Allentown!

We left Boston this morning with a a Chevy Suburban from Enterprise Car Rental. It was huge. But it wasn't big enough. So we headed to Peter Fuller in Watertown and rented a Ford Transit wagon.  

It is humongous. With gear loaded up, we headed out to Syracuse.  We proudly decorated the van with our custom made "Flippin' for the Blues" magnetic  signs.  They blew off the sides of the van in Framingham. Six hours later 

we arrived at the Travel Inn, the motel that we had booked in Westmoreland. It was creepy. 

So we left and checked into a Super 8. This is the glamour of a band on tour.  We're looking forward to the waffle bar in the morning.

Tomorrow, we'll be at the Empire Brewery for Dana Balter from 12:30-2:30pm.  Joining us are Brian Brazil, savant harmonica player and Dana Gaynor who plays every instrument. Incredibly. Then, we're headed to Allentown and the Pig Pen Fun Bar. With a name like that, they better have T-shirts. We'll be playing to benefit Susan Wild, candidate for Congress. 

For us, it's worth the drive. She's a fighter for workers, for affordable healthcare, for education and for people like us who are looking forward to taking back the country and to making America blue again.  

More tomorrow.....

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