Saturday, August 25, 2018

Listen up. We're Coming to Flip Your Districts!

We're getting excited about piling into the van and driving into deepest, reddest 'Merika.

Today, we'll be on WUML  to talk about the tour, about why acid blues can save the world and about our new CD Voice of Dog.

Tune into 91.5 at 3pm and listen. Not only will you learn about what Flippin' for the Blues is up to, you'll discover your new favorite radio show—Blues Deluxe with host John Guregian.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bloggin' for the Blues

We 're Bees Deluxe. An acid blues band from the bright blue bubble of Boston. We play the blues and we got to states..blues.
And an idea was born.

Hey! Let's take our music on the road and use it to flip red districts to blue. Let's try to save America.

So that's what we're doing...

Check out our route as we add destinations and details and follow along as we scrape together funding for our rental van, gas and day-old donuts. 

We're starting in Portsmouth,  New Hampshire with an event for Maura Sullivan at Cisco Brewers on Friday, August 31st. 

Then, on October 13th, we'll hit the road in earnest. Stay tuned to see if Conrad's antique GPS will direct the band to Mexico and check back frequently to see updates from rest stops and roadside attractions. 

Here we are before the tour:
left to right - Allyn "Aldo" Dorr Conrad Warre, Paul Giovine, Carol Band.

We'll post pics from the road so you can see what a diet of day-old donuts can do to mature, sedentary adults

Trump's mad about his buddies flipping? He ain't seen nothin' yet. Flippin' for the Blues is here.